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Are you game to click next?

Based on the Foundation years of the Australian and State Curricula and 21st century learning principles, Game2Learn educational products progressively develop a child's knowledge of essential math concepts in fun and meaningful ways.

A ‘Complete Learning Cycle’©

Game2Learn educational products use a self-directed, learner centred approach based on our ‘Complete learning cycle’©. Rather than isolated click and drag activities that typically encourage ‘guessing’, Game2Learn educational products are designed to help children actively build their understanding of fundamental math concepts.

This knowledge is then applied to proficiently complete a range of related activities.

The Game2Learn Approach

Our approach provides children with many opportunities to practice and apply the foundational math concepts they have learnt.

Along the way there are a range of ‘just for fun’ games designed to reward and encourage progress while reinforcing relevant mathematical concepts.

Our Products

Game2Learn educational products offer a cohesive and consistent learning experience that builds on the child’s current understanding. Through investigation and play each child’s learning is scaffolded as they increasingly build on what they know.

This approach promotes the deeper level learning necessary for mastery of essential mathematical skills and understandings.